Guide to Sworn Translator Offices in Jakarta

Navigating the world of document translation can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to legal
and official documents. Sworn translator offices offer a reliable and professional solution for handling
these sensitive documents. This comprehensive guide will introduce you to the essentials of sworn
translator offices, including the services they provide, the benefits of using a sworn translator, and a
list of top sworn translator offices in Indonesia. A sworn translator office is a professional
establishment that specializes in translating, interpreting, and certifying legal and official documents.
Sworn translators are certified professionals who have taken an oath to provide accurate and faithful
translations of documents in accordance with the law. These translators are authorized to translate
various documents, such as court judgments, laws, regulations, agreements, notarial deeds, and
other official documents. Sworn translators are not your ordinary translators. They undergo rigorous
training and certification processes to ensure their skills and knowledge meet the highest standards.
Here are some reasons why you should choose a sworn translator for your legal and official document
translation needs:
 Accuracy: Sworn translators are committed to providing precise and accurate translations, as
their reputation and certification are on the line.
 Legally Binding: Sworn translations are legally binding and recognized by courts, government
agencies, and other authorities.
 Confidentiality: Sworn translators are bound by a code of ethics to maintain the confidentiality
of your documents and information.
 Timeliness: Professional sworn translator offices typically deliver translations on time,
ensuring that you meet your deadlines.
Anindyatrans: A Trusted Sworn Translator Office
Anindyatrans is a top sworn translation office in Indonesia with expertise in translating, interpreting,
and certifying legal and official documents into more than 10 different languages. They offer
translation services from and into Indonesian, English, Mandarin, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Thai,
Vietnamese, Dutch, German, and French. With an extensive background in translating court
judgments, Anindya is well-equipped to handle general court judgments, religious courts, commercial
courts, or arbitration courts.
Services Offered by Anindyatrans
In addition to court decisions, Anindya is experienced in translating various legal documents, such as:
 Legal Documents
 Government Regulations
 Court Ruling
 Company Regulations
 Agreements
 Notarial Deeds
 Other official documents
Branch Offices and Contact Information
Anindyatrans has branch offices located in DKI Jakarta, Cibubur, Depok, Bandung, and Bali. To get in
touch with Anindya, you can use the following contact information:
Phone: +62218452261
Whatsapp: +62-81287269379

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