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Are you in need of certified translation services in Jakarta? Whether it’s for immigration, legal, professional, academic, or financial purposes, finding the right translator can make all the difference. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of certified translations and introduce you to Anindyatrans, a reputable translation service in Jakarta that specializes in providing high-quality certified translations.

Introduction to Certified Translation Services

Certified translations play a crucial role when it comes to official documentation. These translations are accompanied by a certification statement, which verifies the accuracy and completeness of the translated document. The certification statement is typically signed by the translator or a representative of the translation agency, adding an extra layer of trust and authenticity to the translated content.

The Importance of Certified Translations

Certified translations are often required for official purposes. Whether you need to submit documents to government authorities, universities, or courts, having a certified translation ensures that the recipient can rely on the accuracy of the translated document. Many countries and organizations have specific requirements for official translations, particularly in legal, immigration, and academic contexts.

Types of Certified Translation Services

Certified translation services can vary based on the specific requirements of the document and the recipient. Some common types of certified translations include:

1. Standard Certified Translation

This is the most common type of certified translation. The translator certifies that the translation is accurate and complete, providing assurance that the content faithfully represents the original document.

2. Sworn Translation

Certain countries require translations to be done by sworn translators who are appointed by the government. Sworn translations are often necessary for legal or official purposes, providing an added level of credibility and acceptance.

3. Notarized Translation

In some cases, a translation may need to be notarized by a notary public. Notarized translations offer an additional layer of authentication and are frequently required for legal proceedings.

4. Legalized Translation (Apostille)

Legalized translations have been authenticated by a government authority, typically through the issuance of an Apostille. This ensures that the translation is recognized internationally and holds legal significance.

Languages Supported by Anindyatrans

Anindyatrans is a trusted provider of certified translation and interpretation services in Jakarta. They offer support for a wide range of languages, including:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Japanese
  • Malay
  • Indonesian
  • Taiwanese
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese
  • Thai

With a network of professional translators who are native speakers and possess expertise in specific language pairs, Anindyatrans ensures accurate and culturally appropriate translations for their clients.

Documents Translated by Anindyatrans

Anindyatrans covers a diverse range of document types to meet various needs. Whether you require translations for personal, academic, or professional purposes, their team of experienced translators can handle a variety of documents, including:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Academic transcripts
  • Diplomas and degrees
  • Medical records
  • Legal contracts and agreements
  • Financial statements
  • Immigration documents

Anindyatrans: Your Trusted Translation Partner in Jakarta

Anindyatrans is a reputable and reliable translation service provider in Jakarta. With their team of experienced translators and interpreters, commitment to quality, and excellent client testimonials, they are the preferred choice for individuals and businesses seeking accurate and professional language solutions.

Why Choose Anindyatrans?

  • Quality Assurance: Anindyatrans places a strong emphasis on quality control, ensuring that their translations meet the highest standards of accuracy and precision.
  • Experienced Translators: Their translators have a strong educational background and extensive experience in their respective fields, ensuring that your documents are in capable hands.
  • Competitive Pricing: Anindyatrans offers prices that are tailored to suit your budget, making high-quality translation services accessible to a wide range of clients.
  • Timely Delivery: They understand the importance of meeting deadlines, and their team works diligently to deliver your translations on time, every time.
  • Comprehensive Language Support: With a wide range of supported languages, Anindyatrans can cater to diverse translation needs, making them a one-stop solution for all your language requirements.


Whether you need certified translations for immigration, legal, professional, academic, or financial purposes, finding a reputable translation service provider is essential. Anindyatrans stands out as a trusted and reliable choice in Jakarta, offering a comprehensive range of certified translation services. With their commitment to quality, experienced translators, and competitive pricing, Anindyatrans is well-equipped to meet your language needs accurately and efficiently. Contact Anindyatrans today to experience their top-notch translation and interpretation services.

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